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Space Mabi features authentic Korean cuisine with a distinct modern twist, known as New Korean. It showcases the culinary talent of Chef Jooho Hong, who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and previously worked at Michelin starred restaurants. The Korean dining/drinking scene is no longer limited to Manhattan’s Koreatown.

Space Mabi is defined by a diptych theme of the "sun and moon". By day, the restaurant offers thoughtfully sourced Korean dishes and coffee & tea (the sun). By evening, it transforms into a casual hangout spot providing adventurous yet well-thought-out Korean dining and drinking experience (the moon).

In Korean language, “mabi” means paralysis, but Koreans often use the term to describe those moments that make them speechless and experience a brief moment of feeling paralyzed in a cheerful manner. Accordingly, Space Mabi is a place where guests will be so pleasantly surprised by the food, atmosphere, and experience that they feel almost paralyzed. The modern interiors are combined with sleek dark wood, intimate dimmed lighting, and a unique feature wall showcasing the artwork of various artists.



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